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  • Teplice nad Becvou spa - was originated thanks to rich springs of earthy thermal mineral water which rises from the massif of Devonian limestone.
  • Eastwards from Olomouc, on the rocky hill above Lipnik nad Becvou, a huge ruin of Helfstyn castle is situated, well - known mainly by annual meetings of smiths from all over the world called "Hefaiston".
  • Between two little Moravian towns Lipnik nad Becvou and Hranice na Morave lies the double railroad viaduct which stands on forty - two beautiful arches and it commemorates the time of the monarchy. The old viaduct used to be called Northern railway of Ferdinand the emperor and it is one of the oldest railroad construction in our country.
  • Zbrasov aragonite caves are situated in a picturesque valley of the river in Teplice nad Becvou spa. It is a unique cave system of the European importance originated by synchronous activity of atmospheric waters and warm mineral waters rising from extensive depths in limestone.
  • Not far from the caves there is the deepest abyss of the Czech Republic "Hranicka propast". Its dry part, which it is possible to see freely, is -69,5 m deep, in the afloat part the depth of other -205 m was confirmed in 1995. In September 2016 the latest measuring has taken place. The scientists reached -404 m with a remotely controlled robot.The research had to be interrupted because of the insufficient length of the guiding cable of the robot. The researchers suppose that they have not reached the bottom of the abyss yet.
  • Paraclub Hranice - flying with parachute, Parachute school
  • Aeroclub Hranice - flying
  • Mineral waters - basic therapeutic application in Teplice nad Becvou spa there is thermal alkaline earthy mineral water with high content of carbon dioxide which springs in extensive depths.
  • The lowest place of the European dividend range - concrete obelisk by the road to Hranice from the side from Belotin informs about the fact that at 320 m above sea level there is the lowest place of the European water range between the Black Sea, towards which the Becva river makes, and the Baltic Sea where the Odra river leads its water.
  • Tunnel of the imperial and royal railway - a unique technical memory in Slavic village from1845-1846. The tunnel is unordinary by the fact that it is the only tunnel on 275 km long railway of so called Northern railway.
  • Original of the emperor's statue - in honour of the 50th anniversary of the rule of the emperor Frantisek Josef I. his statue was mounted in1898 on today ´s "Školni namesti" square - work of a Viennese sculptor Pendl.
  • Thousand-year tree - in Uhřinov there is a common yew in the garden of the house number 21 which is1000 years old. The height of the living part of the tree is 4 meters.
  • Settlement of a primeval man - two settlements of a primeval man were documented by the finds of stony tools on the declines of Velka and Mala Kobylanka which create the state natural reserve.
  • Historical towns Kromeriz and Olomouc
  • Z00 in Lesna
  • Museum of cars in Kopřivnice
  • skansen in Roznov pod Radhostem
  • Komensky's memorial in Fulnek



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