Hotel Cementář

Hotel Cementář

Yearlong accommodation in the hotel Cementar in Hranice town in Olomouc region.

Town Hranice is situated in the area of the "Moravian gate" mainly on the right bank of the river Bečva , at approximately 260 m above the sea level. The part of the "Moravian gate", in which Hranice town is lying, is called the "Bečavská gate". It lies between Oderské hills and Podbeskydská hilly country (Maleník). "Bečavská gate" has a character of flat hilly country whose height zoning is between 205 m and 366 m above the sea level.

Hranice belongs to the towns with very interesting natural environment. The town was founded very sensitively on the terrain elevation in the elbow of the Bečva river between the Ludina and the Velička streams. This fact caused that the town dominates an ambient landscape. The town is situated in the area where traffic and engineering corridors cumulate on the main railroad and road lines Přerov-Ostrava, with important turn-off to Valašské Meziříčí, Beskydy, Vsetín and Slovakia. For the  status of Hranice town vicinity to the spa in Teplice nad Bečvou is very important.


Hotel Cementář, spol. s r. o. 

Nám. 8. května 1850, 753 01 Hranice

Tel.: recepce - 581 602 944, 737 199 479        



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